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How much are the fees in comparison to others?
There is no one-size fits all scenario as each business or industry is different, yet our highest rate is the lowest in the industry at 2.8% and .25 cents.
If I start scaling my business fast, will I have any holds?
If you are card brand compliant you will NOT have any holds. In order to protect you as the business owner from fraud, from receiving a ton of chargebacks that are not in your control or that you do not know how to handle, we get involved. Some business owners scale really fast, yet their chargebacks scale right along with them. We will work with you to help mitigate the chargebacks and fraud in order to keep you in business for the long-term.
How much will I be able to process?
There are no limits to how much income you can make. Keep in mind that if you process $100,000 in a single month and then move the entire amount out of your bank account, this looks questionable to risk, the banks and card brands. For a long-term payment processing relationship, we want you to ethically process as much as you can.
I’ve heard other well known processors hold peoples’ funds without warning or good reason. Will that happen to me?
There are thousands of sales companies that sell payment processing, yet they don't do the actual processing on the back-end. If you signed up with one of these entities who wants to maintain the communication between the Processor doing the processing and the client, this could be one reason why you are not receiving any communication. In other instances, you could be signing up with company that does the underwriting "after" you begin processing and you if you are selling something or marketing in an unacceptable way to their policy, they would not communicate with you. Then there is the high-risk payment aggregator. Let's call them the Big 3. By signing up with them, you are already agreeing to being high-risk, which comes with very little communication outside of automated emails and foreign support.Then their are banks, which are very conservative and whom outsources their processing in which the communication would suffer. At Ecom Payments, we will always communicate directly with you to ensure that you are card brand compliant and in business for the long-term.
If there is an issue, will I get a heads up or just shut down like other processors do?
If there is an issue, we’ll contact you and let you know. We’ll help you get card compliant and help solve any issues. Just as long as you’re doing ethical business and doing right by others, we’ll do right by you.
Do you have real customer support?
Yes we do! Everything we do is 100% in-house. From underwriting, risk, funding, tech and customer service support, it's all real people, here in our Florida office. We are real people with real solutions.
If I fill out the application, will you shop my account around town?
No. There is nothing to shop around as we handle everything 100% in-house as a Full Service Payment Provider. We process for many brokers and sales companies that offer payment processing, yet there wouldn't be anyone or any entity higher to shop you around to.
Who handles your underwriting and risk?
We handle risk, underwriting and funding. All of this is handled 100% in-house by our internal team in the u.s.. We've been there and done that, trying to rely on huge processing platforms to handle the underwriting and risk for us and it's been a huge headache as many entities simply don't care, don't understand and see everyone as merchant identification number. To build a long-term ethical relationship, we handle every aspect of the business in order to better serve you and know you.
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